Hello!  I’m Jason Toth from Melbourne Australia. This was originally meant to be a blog where I posted random writings to amuse myself and eventually promote any fiction books that I write. Then came 2020 and the rise of the Democratic People’s Republic of Victoriastan, so the mood has rather changed.

So I’ll still be blogging about whatever interests me, but mostly that will involve things relevant to the utter destruction of human rights in Australia – particularly Victoria – and the psychosis of or Glorious Chairman Dan.

I also moved this off Blogger in case I get cancelled, I can easily backup and restore this blog elsewhere.

You can also buy my first published short story on Amazon (or read free if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber).  And you can find my in progress works on Wattpad.

I also spread across Social Media like the Coronavirus would if it were actually a serious pandemic and not a lot of political hype: