July 22, 2021

A Burger With Strength

By Jason Toth

If you eat food, you should have seen this video before. Indeed I saw it when it first came out, but was drawn to it again recently, as the deep philosophy within has played on my mind all this time.

About three quarters of the way through the video, he asks the audience, “Do you wanna know the difference between a weak burger, and a burger that has strength?” and what struck me at the time, is that I really, really did.

Now I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos in my time, also full documentaries and a lot of formal and informal study, but it’s rare that I genuinely feel it is important for me to know and understand a specific concept. Sure it is interesting to learn some facts about history or hear an different philosophical concept, but it isn’t often necessary. Yet when this man asked if I want to know the difference, I needed to know in my soul.

What I didn’t understand at the time is why this was. How is the difference between a weak burger and a burger that has strength, more important than true medical information about COVID, the current state of politics in my state, or indeed the fundamental nature of mankind itself? This question haunted me, because it didn’t make sense.

But now I understand, and see why this video is so important to mankind. You see, the question of the difference between a weak burger, and a burger that has strength, is actually not an important question at all. The reason it resonates so hard, is because watching this video, you know that this man knows the answer. He isn’t giving you his opinion, or even an opinion. He is giving you a fundamental, universal truth, that through his spiritual insight he was able to glean from the very fabric of reality itself.

There are many things we don’t know about life, the human spirit, the universe itself – but thanks to this video, we now know one absolute and undeniable fact, built into the essence of reality itself. And that begs the question, what further knowledge could we form from this one, absolute, firm statement of reality? Great philosophical minds throughout history have brought us closer and closer to fundamental truths, but it is possible that the only absolute, undeniable truth even learned, is this one statement.

All it takes is a single fact, to grow from and develop a greater understand of any subject. Thanks to this great man and this video, mankind now possesses its first, fundamental, absolute and undeniable truth of reality. Now it is up to us to use this information to come to an understanding of all that is.